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What is the Center for Physical Therapy Services, Inc.

 What is the Center for Physical Therapy Services, Inc.
The Center for Physical Therapy Services, Inc. opened its entryways in 2002, making us one of the pioneers in the home well-being treatment industry. We are a professional organization that gives talented treatment and gifted social work administrations to principally homebound customers in the Los Angeles County territory. Our main goal has dependably been to give a brilliant level of administration to our customers, their relatives, and to our contracted orgs. We have seen the progressions in the human services commercial center and we realize that we should always re-develop ourselves to address the issues of those we give our clients. It is with this experience and our steady adaptability that we have attained the capacity to support our organization’s development.
We are the main staffing organization in the Los Angeles County that provides Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Medical Social Workers to all our contracted home health and hospice orgs. What makes us extraordinary in our industry is our steady and reliable adherence to the training of our staff individuals. After procuring our expert staff individuals, we give a careful introduction to the guidelines of home wellbeing, how Title 22 influences our consideration administration, how the Conditions of Participation influence how we connect with general society, how HIPAA directs privacy, how there is a cooperation of the office arrangements and methodology with the certifying bodies’ CMS adherence. We do not take it softly that our staff individuals not comprehend both the managerial and their particular clinical skills. Training and tutoring is the thing that makes us diverse to our competitors.
Center for Physical Therapy Services, Inc’s. various expert staff incorporates Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Social Workers. Our central goal is to have our staff invest additional time with the majority of our customers and besides to hear you out and your needs. Our services include:
  • Non-intrusive treatment Evaluations and Treatments
  • Work related Therapy Evaluations and Treatments
  • Language training Evaluations and Treatments
  • Social Work Evaluations and Treatments
As a feature of our administration, the majority of our contracted organizations will likewise have the significant serenity of having admittance to their medicinal records through an on-line entryway that is a piece of our Therapy Boss electronic human services record (EHR).
Moreover, as a component of talented administrations/mediations our staff has the capacity to give the accompanying:
  • Home Safety Evaluations, e.g. Establishment of Grab Bars, Use of Shower Hoses, Use of a Shower Chair versus a Shower Bench
  • Appraisals for the fitting medicinal gear required, e.g. Front Wheeled Walker versus a Four Wheeled Walker
  • Family as well as Client Caregiver Education/Training, e.g. Exchange Training, Range of Motion Training, Positioning Training
  • Securing and Upgrading Home Exercise Programs particular to each customer’s needs’
  • Facilitating Community Resources, e.g. Starting In Home Supportive Services, ACCESS Transportation
  • Directing administrations to help our customers adapt to various psycho-social issues, e.g. Sadness, Anxiety, Bereavement
  • Group Education working with Senior Centers, Adult Day Health Centers, Test Topics Covered: Fall Safety/Prevention Strategies, Home Safety Recommendations, Diabetic Care, and Caregiver Strategies to encourage Self-Care.
  • Electric Wheel Chair Evaluations to help substantiate to the payer source the reason(s) the customer would profit from DME.
Contact us with any questions or concerns:  (626) 683-9959 Office/Fax or Email:

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